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Zoom H1 Handy Recorder


Enjoy quality recordings with the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder. The Zoom Recorder offers an innovative X/Y microphone design, noise filter, and long lasting battery operation so that you can count on it to get the best recording possible.

  • The Zoom Recorder has an X/Y microphone pattern that allows you to capture sound with true depth, as the microphones are arranged to accurately capture depth and distance with no phase shifting.
  • Featuring a built-in low-cut filter, you can reduce the unwanted background noise and focus on what you’re recording. Plus, the directional microphones allow you to focus on the sound specifically to ignore other unwanted noise.
  • Don’t have your recording device cut out when it’s important, with the Zoom Recorder offering ten hours of continuous operation on one AA battery. Plus, you can also use an AC adapter* for prolonged periods of use, and the ability to operate on USB power.

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