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Yamaha YCL255 Student Clarinet | Preloved

The YCL-255 clarinet from Yamaha offers the young student the perfect start. Easy to handle and comfortable to play, the YCL-255 is made from durable ABS resin.
The accurate intonation and immediate response allow students to produce a great tone from the outset.
Nickel-plated nickel silver keys produce a clear and focused tone from the clarinet.
Yamaha’s new adjustable thumb-rest and strap ring allow different sized hands to develop proper playing technique. And the strap ring allows for the clarinet to be held without extra effort. 
The new bell design results in a lighter instrument - once again ideal for the younger student as they won’t struggle to support the instrument - with better response. The bell also has a resonance chamber helps with better intonation in the lower register.
The barrel is modelled on the high-end Yamaha clarinet which produces a focused tone.

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