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Laney AH4X4 Audiohub Freestyle Battery Powered PA Speaker

$649.00 $749.00

New from Laney is the AH4x4 Audiohub Freestyle  portable PA. This is a 35 watt Class D amplifier unit with 4x 4” Drivers and a high frequency tweeter all snuggly dropped into a cabinet that is not only lightweight but only stands just over ½ metre high . So very portable indeed!

It can be run from Lithium Ion batteries or mains power and has 2 power modes; ECO and Normal. Normal is the full 35Watts and ECO is a more tame 10Watts which is great for low volume applications where you want your battery power to really last! Such a great option. No more horrible distortion from your amp as battery power dwindles away.

The AH4x4 is equipped with 6 Channel inputs.

1. XLR/TRS combo input with mic/line selectable switch and DSP effect option

2. XLR/TRS combo input with mic/line selectable switch and DSP effect option

3/4. Stereo Channel TRS input

5/6. Stereo Channel mini jack/aux input

This selection of input channel options allows multiple mic and instrument inputs as well as device and keyboard inputs. It would be great if the stereo channels also had access to the DSP effects. No a biggie though as both 1 and 2 channels have this available.

Also, the AH4x4 is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect a device and play tracks directly through the unit! Fantastic for backing tracks or simply background music.

It features four preset EQ options with diagrams next to each to demonstrate the EQ setting. These are labelled; FLAT, BASS, LOUD, and VOCAL and are switched by the touch of a button.

The onboard DSP effects are DELAY and REVERB. There is a control knob to adjust the amount of effect. This gives longer delay and longer reverb. For a DSP effect it is surprisingly analogue-sounding – nice.

It has a dedicated SUB OUT to run an additional powered subwoofer. Great feature for those slightly bigger gigs where you want to be able to use the power available for higher frequencies like vocals and send the bass to an actual sub.

There is also an Anti-feedback feature on-board.

Multiple AH4x4 units can be linked together to offer more coverage of sound and also number of channels available. Brilliant! Larger bands can have a bigger system, fully portable, with enough inputs for all the vocals and multiple instruments.

The AH4x4 is also stand-mountable so can be used like a front of house style PA system anytime and anywhere!

There will also be a gig bag available to protect your AH4x4 and store a few bits and pieces while travelling around.

In a nutshell Laney have really put some thought into this product to produce a very versatile and portable PA that actually performs and sounds great. This type of product is not new to the market but Laney have actually added features other manufactures missed or failed to put as much practical thought into.

So if you’re a musician or band that busks, or does small outdoor or even indoor gigs at bars or cafes, then the AH4x4 is definitely an option. With the Bluetooth function it can also be a great music source for markets, cafes and outdoor events. The AH4x4 is definitely not limited to use for musicians either. The options for use in corporate environments are huge.


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