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Esteve 5F Spruce Top Flamenco Guitar

Esteve guitars have been popular here for years, for good reason. They have a great, dry, clear Spanish sound, are hand-built in relatively small numbers, just outside of Valencia, Spain, and are imported domestically by a single luthier/musicologist/repairman, who then performs a setup to his exacting standards, often shaping new bone saddles, filing and polishing frets, and adjusting action. Needless to say, the guitars arrive to us in tip-top shape, ready to go.

The 5F Flamenco is Esteve's affordable entry point into flamenco guitar. Setup & sound favor a quick rasgueado and single note lines. A good entry-level flamenco is strangely hard to accomplish for any maker, but Esteve has a great guitar on their hands here...well, on our hands now, and possibly in your hands soon.

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