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Fender | Super Sonic 22 | Super Sonic 60 | Head and Box | CLEARANCE!

Fender | Super Sonic 22 | Super Sonic 60 | Head and Box | CLEARANCE!

Regular price $3,798 now $2,399

This package includes both the Amplifier Head and Cabinet!

Grab a bargain on a prefessional Fender rig!


Super-Sonic™ amplifiers are powerful tools for guitarists to create glorious Fender clean and overdriven tones and expressive modern high-gain distortion…in one no-nonsense amp. The Super-Sonic™ 22 Head offers the exact same feature set of our popular combo version, which is built on the classic Deluxe Reverb™ power platform. This toneful mid-powered head mates well with our Super-Sonic™ 212 enclosure or other quality 8 Ohm speaker cabinets. Offered in classic Black/Silver or iconic 1961 Blonde/Oxblood cosmetic treatment; both versions include ivory "radio" knobs and flowing 1960s script logo.


The Super-Sonic™ 60 212 enclosure mates perfectly with the Super-Sonic 60 head or other quality tube amplifier. Unlike most other 2x12” enclosures, this classic Fender® design includes an oversized baffle board with a slight tilt and internal insulation for a uniquely rich and resonant response. Available in two classic cosmetic treatments, Black/Silver